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Protest Magazine is a submission-based, quarterly publication created to explore the perspectives of women of color through creative work. Protest's seasonal anthology and portfolio is a space saved for femme people of color who reject harmful stereotypes and social norms. Our goal is to establish Protest Magazine as a hub that preserves the cultural identity and aids the artistic advancement of marginalized women. To nurture this initiative, we encourage women to use Protest Magazine as another avenue to showcase their work. To write and illustrate their stories honestly and with feeling. To rally behind one another. Talented women of color often turn away from pursuing creative careers due to feeling unwelcome and misunderstood within academic and artistic spaces. Many of us find that established institutions, clubs and collectives exclude the non-white, femme-identifying experience. As a woman run organization, we dedicate Protest Magazine's platform to embracing various cultures, heritages, and lifestyles of women.

Tell your story the best way you know howWe share common truths as women of color, but we’re all individuals. Each voice is meaningful and every perspective is important.

Remember your sistersWe need more intimate relationships amongst women and femme people, we need more empathy and compassion. There’s never enough. Remember the intersections others exist in. Respect everyone’s struggle and offer support.

Manifest social equity & equalityThe needs for one of us will not look the same as the needs of another, but no one wins unless all needs are met. We encourage each other to protest the structural and systemic barriers that oppress us. Our stories are interlocked, trust that we are all playing our part towards the greater good. We encourage each other to protest

Protest Magazine’s blog is currently looking for women of color who write! We encourage women to share their thoughts, esssays, poetry, short fiction, and lyrics on the subject of their choosing. Protest is a company started by women for women.This is a space designated for the up and coming and those just getting started- tell us your story the best way you know how. See below for a list of areas to consider when sending in work.
  • Features and interviews are between 500-800 words: $65 per piece

    • Thoughtful and well-researched essays and articles, interview someone they feel deserves to be profiled, interviewees considered are active in their communities and have refreshing and important things to say

  • Journal entries are between 500-800 words: $65 per piece

    • This section will act as an ‘open letter’ where contributors will be able to share intimate thoughts and concerns. Writers can this space to detail and bring about awareness to other readers of an issue that affects them in a personal way and one that coincides with the magazine’s current theme. Can be submitted as poetry or personal essay.

  • Rituals are between 500-800 words: $50 per piece

    • This section is for women to detail customs, traditions, celebrations and practices found in their culture and communities that have played major parts in shaping the type of women they have become. Women can share stories of how these customs influence their lifestyle and if there has ever been a conflict between these practices and living the life they want to lead.

  • Short fiction pieces are between 800-1000: $80 per piece

    • Any short stories submitted to the magazine must feature, center or be told from the feminine perspective.




Send all submissions to inquire@protestmagazine.com. Please include the word 'Blog', type of work, and your name in the subject line.




Reach out to inquire@protestmagazine.com with any questions. We look forward to working with you. 


-Simone & the Protest Mag family.


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Thursday, October 1, 2020
This is an ongoing project with a limited number of contributors featured each month.
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