Studios Available @Basic Studios $DEALS$!

Basic Studios is an artist studio space operating out of the former Autotelic Studios building. New name, same commitment to affordable studios in Logan Square! We have WiFi, 24/7 wood shop access, off street parking and are excited to announce the addition of a project space for events and curated shows. 

We have the following studio spaces available:

1. Private studio share, 50 sq ft $125
2. Semi-private desk space, 50 sq ft $150
3. Semi-private large studio, 100 sq ft $275
4. Private large studio, 100 Sq ft $350
5. Monthly membership (shop use only) $100
6. Quiet public space where you can access Wifi, suitable for computer based arts, writers etc. $50

!$Claim your space now for sweet deals$! Sign a lease officially beginning February 1 and move in right away. That's the rest of January FREE. PLUS 25% off your first month. 

E-mail Kristina to schedule a tour.
We are finalizing renovations now! Snatch your space!

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